1980’s AC/DC Tour T-Shirts



T-shirt released during AC/DC’s world tour from May to July 1988. Blow Up Your Video” was released in the same year. “Blow Up Your Video” was pulled down for the 1988 World Tour. The front design is from the jacket of the same album, and the back design is the band’s logo and the tour dates. Commemorative tour T-shirts were probably sold at the tour venues.

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Late 1980s (confirmed in 1988)


The front is a design of the released LP jacket, and the back is a pattern of printed tour dates, which is a typical design structure of the tour T. The music T is assertive, but it is a relatively basic pattern and is not too strong. The Music T has a strong assertiveness, but it is a relatively basic pattern that is not too aggressive, making it the most popular and most beloved of the Music T designs.

However, the style of Angus Young, the lead guitarist, playing hard rock music in a schoolboy style (school uniform and school backpack) had quite an impact, and the image of Angus in schoolboy style = AC/DC is so strongly etched in my mind. The image of schoolboy-style Angus = AC/DC, an unforgettable presence for a lifetime. As an image strategy, I would say it is a winner.

I remember when I was writing this, one of my colleagues in the vintage store used to like AC/DC even though he didn’t particularly like music T’s. He said he liked music T’s because he was a musician.

You can enjoy collecting music T’s because you like the musician, or you can wear them because you like the design, even if you don’t particularly like the musician.

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