1980’s Cascade 4side Multi Print Sleeveless T-Shirts



This is a sleeveless shirt from the 1980s with a multi-print (test print). It was originally a T-shirt that has been cut off.

The front side features oriental surf-inspired designs, while the back side is adorned with military-themed designs, such as bombers and lady motifs.

While it is possible that each design could have been circulated individually, they were test-printed onto a single T-shirt.

Originally destined to be discarded at the production factory, it is speculated that it was taken out and further became surplus, finding its way into the market.



【Market Price】

Around 2010: ¥30,000 to ¥50,000

Around 2020: ¥50,000 to ¥70,000


Should you acquire it?

It is undoubtedly a unique piece, so if it ever becomes available in the market, it is worth obtaining regardless of its purpose.

If the exact same item were to appear in the market, the only scenario that comes to mind is the current owner parting with the one I previously sold.

Multicolor prints, test prints, and error prints are generally valuable as collectibles due to their uniqueness, as no two pieces are the same.

Vintage items, not limited to this T-shirt, are unlikely to decrease in value from an antique perspective.

Therefore, there is value in purchasing it even from a speculative standpoint.

The Journey and Impression Leading to the Sale

I recall purchasing it on an auction website, and perhaps due to its sleeveless shape, it was listed at a very affordable price, prompting me to quickly place a bet.

It is likely that the previous owner had listed it as surplus, leading to a price that was akin to a “fire sale.”

I succeeded in acquiring it at a significantly discounted price, and at the time of the sale, it fetched a price of around 10 to 20 times the acquisition cost.

This kind of situation is not limited to the vintage realm alone. Even if the owner considers it “junk,” certain items can be viewed as “treasure” by others. For those who perceive these “junk” items as “treasure,” encountering such a piece is an unparalleled moment of bliss.

In the story of searching for treasure, there are often descriptions of being dazzled by the golden treasure. Although the moment of encountering a real treasure may not have that dazzling radiance, it shines brightly in one’s eyes in the sense of beholding something rare.

Of course, such cases are extremely rare, and the general selling price is typically around two to three times the acquisition cost at best.

Especially in recent years, as prices for certain vintage items have soared even internationally, it has become challenging to achieve a threefold increase.

Furthermore, in the present day, not only businesses but also general users have the ability to easily buy and sell online, making it more difficult to profit from such sales.

During the author’s student days, it was possible to reach for vintage items or unique one-of-a-kind pieces with a little effort. However, vintage items in today’s market have undergone a transformation to the point where they require a significant commitment, and inadvertently, vintage clothing has shifted from being worn to being exhibited—a transition toward being recognized as antiques.