1980’s ALABAMA Tour T-Shirts



This is a 1983 tour T-shirt from Alabama. It was most likely sold at the tour venues during their “The Closer You Get…” tour, which was in support of their album released in the same year. The presence of the copyright information at the bottom of the front print indicates that it is an official merchandise item.

For more details about Alabama, you can refer to their Wikipedia page.


Early 1980s (confirmed to be from 1983)


While I’ve seen these T-shirts around and am aware of the band’s existence, I unfortunately haven’t had the opportunity to listen to their music. Therefore, I can’t provide much insight. If you’re interested in learning more, I recommend referring to the aforementioned Wikipedia page.

In terms of design, as a country and Southern rock band, even if you haven’t heard their music, you can easily imagine the general vibe. Band T-shirts and tour T-shirts often serve as a representation of the band’s style (although sometimes it can be different from what you expect when you actually listen to their music).

Country-themed designs tend to be relatively subdued, making them easy to wear even if you don’t have a personal connection to the band.

I remember being inspired by the American Midwest aesthetics when sourcing this type of design. It might be rare for someone to feel compelled to listen to the band based on this kind of impression, but I’ll still provide a link below just in case (I even got the urge to give their music a listen while writing this).